The Lucky Face is a musical vehicle (without wheels), for the songs of Tim Mullineaux. Here's the story so far...

Tim began writing and performing in the North West of England in the 1990s with Jamie, Wayne & Greg in Little English, who were popular in Lancashire, or parts of it. Little English played to big crowds and even got paid. They were named after a young Tom English, later drummer with Maximo Park, who would turn up to the band's gigs clutching a pair of drumsticks. That's why he's such a good drummer now you see.  Dedication.  That's what you need.

Local newspaper photographs band on bouncy castle. Where else?

When Little English split, Tim and Greg (who played the drums) moved to Nottingham and formed Vim (Mk1), commandeering a town centre busker called Paul to play the bass.  The slightly ridiculous, if vigorous, name was suggested by Jarvis Cocker of Pulp via means of the autograph.  It is unclear whether Jarvis regularly endorses cleaning products.  Vim (Mk1) wore funny clothes, but received positive reviews for their first demo.  Making Music Magazine said Vim (Mk1) looked like they'd got dressed in a charity shop.  This was largely true.

Jarvis names band on back of gig ticket

Greg eventually decided music wasn't for him, or it could've been the clothes, and Tim moved to London and formed Vim (Mk2) with Alvise, Dirk & Chris. 

Despite being thrown out of their first gig due to a minor rock & roll disagreement, Vim built up a strong following in London and recorded in top studios with Andre the engineer.  XFM, amongst others, played the songs, magazines stuck 'em on their compilation CD's and Vim enjoyed some big gigs, including an NME night at The Camden Barfly with Coldplay.  Vim used the same rehearsal rooms as Chesney Hawkes, and Tim once insulted him with a derogatory comment of a musical nature when he thought Chesney had left the building. This has played on Tim's mind ever since.  (It hasn't really). 

Vim at the Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, December 1998.

The music industry can burn a band out, and Vim split up in 2000.  Even Alvise buying Menswear's old bass amp couldn't save them. Tim went away for a bit, (not to prison), Chris went on to become a well respected session musician and Dirk started his own photography company.  Alvise is a wine connoisseur and travels the world. Drinking wine.

Tim returned to music in 2003, playing solo acoustic gigs as The Lucky Face, which was supposed to be a band. Sometimes, Alvise would play the bass and Marcus, from Steve Blabbermouth's band, would play percussion. Early Lucky Face music was released through the Stalker Records label, which was a fine musical collective of the mid noughties.  Tim was the presenter of the Stalker Radio podcasts. Podcasts were new then.

Stalker Records At The Forum Volume 1. Acts included Givegoods
& Chris Brokaw

In 2004, Tim started the (semi) legendary (amongst certain people) Twist music nights in Greenwich, featuring the cream of the UK acoustic scene.  In addition to the weekly sessions, music industry showcases and album launch parties were held in the smoky, intimate surroundings of Oliver's Music Bar.  The Twist ran in a shambolic yet highly professional fashion until 2007, when Tim decided to concentrate on making records instead of promoting other people.

The Twist 3rd birthday party was a charity event. All acts performed a
cover by a Live Aid/Band Aid participant. Over £5 was raised for charity.

The first of these was the single 'Underneath The City Lights'/'Ian's Got A Complex' in 2008, which received almost universally positive reviews across the universe. This was followed by 'Leech'/'1982' in 2009 and the debut eponymous album in 2011. The 'Breaking Rocks' compilation album released in 2010 in aid of Billy Bragg's Jail Guitar Doors charity featured Lucky Face track 'No Personality'.

The second album, 'Follow, Unfollow', was released in 2014, with a number of tracks receiving worldwide airplay.  Lucky Face music has been aired on several BBC stations including BBC 6 Music, who described it as 'really rather good', as well as many local, community and college stations across the globe.

Also in 2014, Simon Kitchener started playing bass with The Lucky Face. Tim met Simon in 2003 when they were both playing at Ben Mitchell's Acoustic Trip in Camden and liked each other's songs.  Ben was in top Australian soap opera 'Neighbours'. He also knows how to run a good music night.  Simon also has a band called Kitchener, (taken from his surname which isn't his real surname, but his showbiz name), which Tim plays bass in.  Tim has never thought of a good enough showbiz name to use.

Kitchener's Travelling Circus At Bourne & Hollingsworth

The Lucky Face will be expanding into 2016.  There are a few recordings already in the can for the next album and more on the way. Watch this space...