October 2019

Winter is approaching, which means more time to write & record, so there's another new free download up at The Page With The Free MP3. This one is a live acoustic demo of new tune 'This Town'. Help yourselves. Not decided on the arrangement for it yet. 

Sad news about the passing of Ginger Baker, one of the truly great uncompromising rock stars. Probably a complete nightmare to work with, but who wants an easy life eh? Here's a great clip of Ginger with a mod haircut playing with The Graham Bond Organization. Monster sound...

September 2019

Great gig at The Fountain on the 4th. Thanks Ed. Local Hastings area people should check the place out on the first Wednesday of every month if you haven't already. I'd take the following day off work though. Maybe a week!

At long last there is a new free download at The Page With The Free MP3. The elaborate demo version of 'Life 2.0' mentioned last month has been ditched in favour of a live acoustic take. Will save the harmonies, whistles & bells for the record. Dive in...

August 2019

Even busier this month, so not much Lucky Face activity. Grand old gig at The Drift In on the 2nd. Thanks to all who came down. In an attempt to break the world record for nearest gig to the last one, the next show is on Wednesday 4th September at The Fountain...next door to The Drift In!
Details on the gigs page.

The next free download/demo has been recorded and just needs mixing. Watch this space...

July 2019

Late update again. Busy with the live nights at the moment which have gone weekly now, so much time devoted to that at the moment. If you find yourself in Hastings on a Thursday night, pop into The Pig's Palace and say hello.

Back at the Drift In Cafe on Friday 2nd August for the first proper (solo) gig in a while. Will be doing about 45 mins at some point in the evening. Starts at 8pm. See the gig page for more details.

Some actual new material do demo up too, so will record a tune or two on the next rainy day and stick it up as a free download. 

Enjoy the sun...

June 2019

The summer may have temporarily disappeared, but the summer single has definitely arrived. 'All Friends Together' is now available in all the usual places. We've even splashed out and made a video for this one, filmed 'on location' in Hastings and Chinon. High budget as usual of course! A big thank you to Madonna and a special mention to Keith Moon for coming back from the dead to play the coconut...

Thanks to all the radio & podcast people who've been spinning the tune including In The Middle at CCR, The Warp Factor, The Tuesday Show, Future Sounds, Lopsided World Of L, Sound Of Spitfire, Banks Radio, Lone Frequencies, NMG at Cambridge 105, Lonely Oak Radio, Fab Chart and anyone I've forgotten. Check 'em all out for a great selection of underground (and overground) music & good ol' chat.


May 2019

The new single 'All Friends Together' has been mastered by John Webber at AIR Studios and is already being distributed to the seemingly hundreds of online musical destinations now available around the world. Even to places like Peloton & Flipagram which I've never heard of. I think Peloton is a fitness thing, so you'll be able to get buff & razz whilst enjoying the track.

As it's the most summery Lucky Face song of all, it's coming out at the start of the season on 7th June so you feel the benefit! Don't forget to take your coat off. Expect some sub-standard animated promotional material to appear on the internet throughout May. Recording is hard enough...don't expect Picasso adverts!

The track will be going out to all our usual favourite indie radio shows & podcasts, so keep an ear out for a sneak preview throughout May. And keep an eye on Twitter for links...


April 2019

Spring is here, which means the summer single is on the boil.

I read a tweet from an independent artist recently that went something along the lines of, "NEW CONTENT COMING SOON. WATCH THIS SPACE!" This led me to ponder at which point 'content' became more important than 'art'.

It's difficult to stay relevant in the music business these days, purely because there's so much out there. If you don't post 47 times on Instagram every day, you will undoubtedly disappear into the black hole of irrelevance by Friday. That's if you start on Thursday.
Similarly, in this playlist dominated world, musicians need to release a new track every twenty minutes to stay on the radar. Tracks that really shouldn't be singles end up as exactly that. This could also explain the recent trend for cover albums/EPs. Weezer singing TLC and Ezra Furman doing Little Richard. (The Lemonheads one is just down to laziness, obviously).
Nothing wrong with these records, but you probably won't pick 'em when Lauren Laverne invites you onto Desert Island Discs.

Anyway, if you're not content with mere content, you've come to the right place because there isn't much here. There is art though, sporadically.
So the summer single is pretty much in the bag, bar the final mix & mastering. It's the old live favourite 'All Friends Together'. It struck me that there wasn't much jangle-guitar pop around these days, so it was a good time to dust that one off & pretend to be the Byrds/Teenage Fanclub for three minutes. 


March 2019

Nearly halfway through the month before an update. Shoddy. Doing some juggling at the moment, (not literally as I can't juggle and type or even juggle at all), so that's the excuse.

Recording of a new EP began last month, but we won't be putting a time frame on release for this one. 'In The Mirror' is in the bag and 'No Sympathy' and another as yet untitled track are half finished. Have returned to the old way of recording (slowly) to spice up the production and arrangements. The last album was done quickly, or it wouldn't have been done at all.

Running music nights again slows things down as well, as half the studio has to be demolished every couple of weeks to pilfer the mics & leads. The plus side to these music nights however, is that after years of band gigs & solo guitar gigs, I actually did a solo piano gig on the 6th for the first time. Quite liberating actually & opens up all the material that was written for/on piano. Will do it again. Carrying all that gear around though!

Like Ronnie Said To Phil - Low-res video still


February 2019

January was a complete sack. No voice, so no recording or gigs. As a result, a delve through the archive was required to find a new free download to start the year. The original demo version of 'Write Your Own History' is now available at The Page With The Free MP3.

I think this was a free download in 2011, but in sped up form. Sounds better at the original speed. Don't need no Chipmunk voice! 'Ave a banana.

Bring on the spring... 

January 2019 

Happy New Year! Hope you had a good festive period and that 2019 treats you well. There's not much going on in the world at the moment, so it should be a relatively quiet one. Wink wink. 

Not much going on here either, apart from recording the next tune, which is different from the one mentioned last month. Santa brought new instruments, which means new songs. 

Just realised, 19th January marks the 10th birthday of the Leech/1982 single in all its lo-fi glory. Still a favourite with live crowds, although a nightmare to play, this was the first non-demo Lucky Face tune to be played on the BBC. Thanks BBC.

Dim the lights...

December 2018

As always, thanks for all the support this year. It's been good to get back to playing live regularly and back in the promotion game after a long lay off. More of the same in 2019 with a focus on shining a spotlight on some young up and coming singer/songwriter talent. There's plenty out there you know.

More singles next year and possibly an EP. The next one, 'Not Ordinary' is nearly finished, bar a few finishing touches and mixing. A return to the old indie sound for a change.

Before that, you have to endure this Christmas travesty again...

Horrible news about the legendary Pete Shelley passing away. Buzzcocks are right up there with The Clash at the top of the 'punk' tree, although both bands transcended punk. A brilliant songwriter with a unique voice. Something has indeed gone wrong again.

On that (falsetto) note, have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

November 2018

November is a quiet news month. Recording new (and old) material for the next release. The short days and dark nights are good for that.

News from the hometown that the Lancaster Music Co-op rehearsal studio is in trouble from Council interference (eviction threat) again. The Co-op, which is an invaluable resource for local musicians, has been in business for over 30 years.
I had my first rehearsal with my first band there in 1991. It was affordable for schoolies, and musicians in general, because it was cheap, so you could murder 'No Woman No Cry' and 'Wish You Were Here' every Thursday after school for minimum outlay. If you could survive Room 3 in winter, you could play anywhere. 

Later on, when Little English were touring around the North to exotic places like Rochdale and Burnley, we could hire equipment from them too. PA systems were expensive then. And who cares about a minor electrocution every time you approach the mic anyway? Earthing the PA is Health and Safety gone mad! 

Rehearsal rooms come and go, but the Co-op remains a constant, so please sign the petition HERE to save it. Lancaster band Massive Wagons have recently enjoyed a top 20 album. They and all the other local musicians wouldn't have had anywhere to learn their craft without the Co-op. That includes all the student bands from the University too. 

Back in the day, you had to leave smaller towns & cities like Lancaster and head for 'that London' to try and make anything of yourself in the music biz. That's all changed now since the advent of the internet, so local resources are more important than ever.

*Update. Thanks to some clear thinking from the local councillors (there's a first time for everything), the Co-op has been saved. Good stuff.

Back hosting the second edition of VOM at The Drift In Cafe Bar in Hastings on Wednesday 21st. Check the Gigs page for details.

October 2018

Firstly, a big thanks to all the radio stations who've played 'Ride The River' over the last few weeks. Your support is much appreciated. Look out for a 20 minute feature on the new Taking Off With Spitfire show on Sound Of Spitfire on Thursday 18th.

The gigs continue on Friday 26th with four shows in one night around Battle at the excellent ELF. Four different sets of course, so if you're in the South East, come on down.

Next month also sees a return to hosting after a long lay off. The Twist will be running a Variety Open Mic at the finest small venue in Hastings, The Drift In Cafe Bar, with some showcase gigs coming next year. November 7th from 7pm. 

The new free download 'Performance Parent' is now available at The Page With The Free MP3. This is the demo version. It'll be embellished a bit before proper release next year. Fill yer boots for now...


September 2018 

The new inbetweeny single 'Ride The River' is now available in all the usual places.

As mentioned last month, the theme for this one is 'instant' (apart from the subject matter which is very much drawn from distant memory). Instant writing/recording, instant artwork (on the studio wall) and an almost instant chalk based lyric video  that actually took two days to make. You have to keep rubbing out the chalk and waiting for it to dry, you see. Don't do it kids. The video is now available to view on Facebook.

Anyway, have a listen to the track below, or at the streaming destination of your choice...

For any South East England based people, I'll be doing a two hour solo set at the Drift In Cafe in Hastings on Friday 21st. Knocking out tunes from all three albums and all the rest. Check the Gigs page for more details.

In non-music related news, me and Simon recorded some voice parts for a new Scandi drama currently in production in Sweden, playing English businessmen. Will keep you posted on that one.

August 2018

August already but the sun's still shining. The best summer in ages hasn't inspired musical laziness however, and the new single 'Ride The River' is not only in the can, but out for distribution and due for release on Friday 7th September. Here's a terribly high art trailer...


This is a brand new track, written and recorded in July. The recent album had a few older songs on it, so it's much more interesting to record something instant and fresh, rather than tracks that have been demoed 94 times in the past.
A chalk based lyric video will accompany the release, with better photography (but equally poor artistry) than displayed in the trailer. 

Interesting times this week as I discovered that another 'artist' had been using not only The Lucky Face name on certain online platforms, but had also stolen and butchered artwork from the 2014 single 'A Fine Line' and used it on all the digital platforms. Full story on the Facebook Page, but needless to say, this sort of plagiarism will not be tolerated. The internet has opened many doors for independent artists, but the downside is that every Tom Dick or Harry can access the digital platforms easily, with little quality control. 

Artwork has been an important part of the industry since approximately 1966 with Klaus Voorman's groundbreaking cover for Revolver,* and it continues to be so today, despite most releases being digital and the album covers tiny squares on a phone or computer screen. It's certainly an important part of any release by The Lucky Face (even the ironic covers like the new single, 'Ride The River').

My advice to any artist who doesn't have the talent to design their own covers is to employ someone who does. Or just take a photograph of something interesting and make it square. (If only Instagram existed). Certainly don't steal artwork from another artist, especially if your artist name is almost identical. That's just the height of stupidity.

In the early days of The Lucky Face, Helix used to design the artwork for the singles, but there came a time when releases became too frequent and it was time to get busy and learn how to do it myself. 'A Fine Line' was the release where I sat down and learned to use Photoshop and complete all the material for the second album before the free trial ran out. Musicians can't afford expensive software. It's certainly not the best artwork, but work certainly went into it. So when somebody thinks they can steal it and besmirch The Lucky Face brand, they can think again.

I don't use Photoshop anymore because mobile technology has moved on, and a single or album cover can be created with a little imagination and an app such as Instagram (which does indeed exist). There are even apps available specifically for the purpose of cover art creation for the less imaginative among us. Plagiarism really isn't necessary and just wastes everybody's time, from the injured party, to the distributor, to the digital platforms themselves.

Anyway, mini rant over. My advice to all creative types is to keep a keen eye on your online content. It's becoming like the Wild West out there.

More next month...

*Approximately. You may be able to think of an earlier example.

July 2018

Unbelievably, 7th July marks the 10th anniversary of the first Lucky Face single, 'Underneath The City Lights'/'Ian's Got A Complex'. Recorded, mixed and 'mastered' in a spare bedroom with zero consideration for acoustics and without any technical knowledge, the A side is still possibly the most enduring Lucky Face recording. (It was remixed and remastered for the album, which is the most common version these days). 

Underneath The City Lights Cover - Artwork by Helix

In true Buddy Holly style, the 'snare drum' was a metal stereo rack hit with a xylophone beater. The xylophone was a xylophone hit with a xylophone beater. Overuse of the word 'xylophone' in this paragraph. 

The reviews were generally excellent, although it became clear that reviewers don't really listen to lyrics, which is usually the main point of Lucky Face songs. The melody may be jaunty, but the song is about loss and sacrifice, not happiness.

Colin Jackson from Loud Horizon and Is This Music? (also Artrocker later on) was a great champion in the early days, despite being of the punk persuasion. Lucky Face gigs were pure punk at the time anyway, as the battered guitars will tell you. 

Here's the Loud Horizon review in full. Interesting that 'download only' was still a thing...


Loud Horizon Music Review - Underneath The City Lights - 4.5/5
'Underneath The City Lights,' is the refreshing debut (download only) single from London's Tim Mullineaux who plays and records under the name of THE LUCKY FACE.
This is a really chirpy and infectious acoustic track, with a shuffling jazzy beat and a piano-sounding hook that loops throughout. It's just so damn happy! There is even a whistling breakdown towards the end!

Probably not 'cool' enough for sufficient National Radio play (though with the likes of Noah and The Whale doing alright, who knows?!) it is the type of inoffensive song that will surely appeal to everyone young and old, no matter their generic music of choice. It's perhaps more likely to find its niche in the Coffee Shops of the world, where an espresso and a blast of this track will set even the most miserable bastard up for the day!

Tailor- made for TV commercials, it should have Marketing Execs from up and down the country beating down Tim's door, bumper contracts in hand.
'Underneath The City Lights,' is so refreshingly different from most of what's around at the moment that it would be impossible to rate it in comparison to songs from other genres. So for what it is, there is no denying that it merits top marks... almost!

I don't like to promote YouTube, because they don't pay artists properly, hence the lack of videos from the recent album, but here's the old super high budget flick for 'City Lights'. No expense spent. Enjoy in the sun. Better weather than ten years ago anyway...


June 2018 

It was good to get back on the live horse proper for a good old two setter at the Senlac Inn on the 9th. Will be heading out for more impromtu and not so impromptu acoustic gigs around the South East over the next few months. Fixed the old guitar too, so playing at full capacity again. 


As promised last month, the free downloads will be more regular for a while, so there's a new piano demo of 'Obliviona' up at The Page With The Free MP3.

Somehow, it's five years this month since 'Give It To Someone', the first single from 'Follow/Unfollow' was released. Time flies, as the song goes. To celebrate this (in a highly tenuous fashion) there's a new 'Lucky Face Singles' playlist on the Spotify page. Fill yer flip flops...


May 2018

There's finally a new free tune up at The Page With The Free MP3. Nothing too elaborate as the emphasis is on writing at the moment, so a stripped back piano demo with some vocal assistance from the cat. Edie's vocals sound better than mine to be honest, but we did knock it off quickly. Her lyrics are quite basic though. Bob Dylan's cat has nothing to worry about.

We might even get back to a monthly free tune for the forseeable future. 

Had another chat with the Tuesday Show chaps for the final show of the series/season, 'The Money Shot.' A telephone interview this time, recorded on a scorching Bank Holiday Sunday. That's dedication right there from the boys. Listen on the iTunes here if you so wish. 

We've added a new 'Now Playing' playlist on the Spotify page featuring some of the tunes old & new currently rotating on the Lucky stereo. This one will be updated regularly. Enjoy...


April 2018 

It's fair to say that the new album hasn't been promoted as well as it should. Bad timing moving house and all that goes with it so close to the release. Back on the music game now though with the studio up and running and lots of new material written for The Lucky Face and a couple of other projects. More on those later. 

Will post some demos of new material on the free mp3 page shortly. And do some gigs.

In the meantime...


March 2018 

The Loretta single arrived a day later than expected due to unforseen technical issues. The whole country has been one big technical issue this week due to a touch of wind and snow. She's here now though, to trim your locks in a substandard fashion, so that's the main thing.

The B-side is the clean version, so you can play it for your Nan without getting a clip round the ear 'ole.


The new studio will be up and running soon, so expect some new material for the summer. Probably vaguely World Cup related. England are bound to win right?


January 2018

A belated Happy New Year folks. We hope 2018 treats you well.

A bit slow off the mark this month due to a massive relocation of Lucky HQ 70 miles south.  It'll be a while before the new studio is up and running, but when it is, it'll be better & the recordings may feature seagulls.  It's mainly pigeons hanging around outside the window at the moment, but we'll get rid of them.

The very first episode of The Tuesday Show podcast featuring the interview recorded at The Finsbury in December is now available on iTunes.  Click HERE to hear some old stories and new tunes.  The Tuesday Show boys will be interviewing a different artist or band every week.  On a Tuesday strangely enough.

Still the Loretta single to come from AI, albeit later than intended.  Watch this space...

December 2017

We had a fine end to the gigging year at the Folk Modern Fundraiser on the 2nd.  Well done to the lucky rafflers who walked away with Zayn Malik Doll and the AI baby robot shoes.  Memorabilia I'm sure you'll treasure forever.

The chaps from the all new Tuesday Show came down prior to the gig for a most enjoyable interview.  A few stories were told.  Perhaps too many.  All will be revealed early in 2018.  

As always, a big thanks for all the support this year, especially if you've bought or streamed the album.  It all helps fund the next project, even the pennies from Spotify.  If you haven't bought it yet, treat yourself over the festive season. 

Here's wishing you all a Happy Christmas & great New Year.  We'll leave you with this nonsense as usual... 


November 2017 - Part 2

AI is now available in all the usual places.  Should you need persuading to give it a spin, you can find out more in this marvellous write up from Rhythm & Booze. 

A big thank you to all the radio people who've played 'You're Not The Girl' & 'When You Borrowed My Light'.  Individual thanks to follow.

There's a long overdue new free download, 'R U OK HUN???' at The Page With The Free MP3.  Fill your boots.  Send it to a needy social media friend.

We'll be doing a spot at The Finsbury on Sunday 3rd December for the Folk Modern charity fundraiser.  All proceeds to the homeless.  Put enough in the bucket and we might even play the Christmas song.

Will leave you with a track from the new album...



November 2017 - Part 1

Album release month is finally here. You can pre-order it now (?) or just wait until the 10th.  It's full of singles, which will be milked in due course, with the second one, 'You're Not The Girl In This Song' already available at your streaming or downloading destination of choice.


Zayn Malik's official doll there, courting the ladies.  He'll be given away, along with various props from the album cover at The Royal Standard gig in Croydon on the 9th.  By various props, I mean a pair of child's shoes as worn by the robot.  So if you have a small child and a love for One Direction, it's the gig for you.  Obviously we'll be playing some new tunes for you as well as the usual raft of 'classics'.  Bargain priced CD copies of the album will be available on the night.

Part two to follow... 

October 2017

We had an eventful trip to Chinon for the Voyages En Guitare festival.  Thanks to Ryanair cancelling the flights at 5pm the night before, we enjoyed a mammoth 11 hour drive, arriving 30 minutes before stage time.  We proceeded to play three gigs throughout the course of the night, enjoying torrential rain for the outdoor Kitchener set, which also featured a delightfully bizarre onstage stand off between band and drunken stage invader.

Following an equally bizarre interview with a visiting filmmaker, we continued with an after hours show at La Cave Voltaire, the finest venue in town.

La Cabane A Vin 

Sunday's Lucky Face show was thankfully moved indoors to La Cave Voltaire, so no rain issues. Big thanks to Martin, Tom and Vincent for all the equipment loans and providing the sound.  

Simon is serenaded outside La Cave Voltaire

It's great to play in countries where live music and musicians are appreciated.  We'll be back.  Will have to sort out that exchange rate first though!

As you probably know, 'When You Borrowed My Light' is now available as a brief taster for the new album. Stream it (or download if you're feeling flush) in the usual places.


October 27th sees the release of the definitive (at last) version of the old live favourite 'You're Not The Girl In This Song', with the album following on 10th November.

We'll leave you with this message...


The first taster track from the new album, 'When You Borrowed My Light' will be released on Friday 22nd September in all the usual places.  Some readers may remember the 4 track version from the Get Old Or Die Tryin' demo album back in the long distant past.  This one features the same arrangement without the 'recorded in a toilet' vibe.

When You Borrowed My Light artwork

The first single proper, with video and all the trimmings including artwork featuring a plastic Zayn Malik, will be 'You're Not The Girl In This Song' on 27th October. 

We're off to France for a couple of gigs in Chinon on the 16th and 17th for the Festival Voyages en Guitare.  We'll be doing a Kitchener gig at Cafe Hotel de Ville on the Saturday and an outdoor Lucky Face gig at Rue Jeanne d'Arc on the Sunday. Two fer one.  

There's a new poll on the front page to gauge the feasibility of offering free downloads.  Unfortunately, the website has no indicator for number of downloads on the 'Free MP3' page, and as someone who only uses Spotify these days, I'm wondering if it's time to consign this page to the past.  If the demand is still there, the free tunes will continue.

Talking of the past, the CDs are back from the place that does CDs and looking fine. Badges next.  Everyone needs a badge with a crap robot on.

August 2017

Seem to have lost a couple of months since the last update. Busy times. 

The new album 'AI' has now gone to the digital distributors and will be released on 10th November. Expect a single before then. Which one? No idea yet.
The CD artwork, for any traditionalists out there, is finished & the discs will be done in the next week or two. This is what the back looks like...

The back

The cigar box guitar looks better than it sounds. Once you've made your own guitar, you never mistreat an instrument again though.

Loads of admin to do now, but a track by track guide and all the lyrics will be up on the site soon. Perhaps even a sonic taster. Stay tuned... 

May 2017 

The new album is now mastered and ready to go, apart from all the artwork and that business, so aiming for a September release date preceded by a couple of singles. As usual, the tunes are a mix of new songs and older live favourites that have only been available in demo form in the past.

Track listing as follows:

Side 1.

Life Is Never...
You're Not The Girl In This Song
Kissy Kissy
Keyboard Warrior
Rub It Off
Note To Self

Side 2.

Somebody Love Me
When You Borrowed My Light
Whatever Somehow

John Webber mid-mastering at AIR Studios

Obviously, you'll have to pretend the record has two sides, unless we get round to pressing it on vinyl, which may happen.

We're back in the gig business next month with an open air show at the bandstand in Wandle Park, Croydon on 9th June. More info on the gigs page as and when it arrives... 

April 2017

After many months of hard graft, the new album is finally finished. Currently sequencing the tracks ready for mastering in early May. Full information on all the tunes next month. Something is guaranteed to change before then.

Watch this space. Not all the time obviously, that would be wasteful. Watch it after May 8th...

March 2017

Eagle eyed readers will notice there was no update in February. We've graduated from TVs and have taken to throwing entire months out of hotel room windows.
Or perhaps there was simply nothing worth reporting.

The end of album recording is in sight, so it's full focus on that until it's finished, otherwise it'll never get finished. No distracting gigs, singles or videos.

A few remakes, remixes and new tunes in the can. 'Note To Self', 'Intermission' and 'Life Is Never' are all complete plus a new one composed especially to close the album. Need a decent finish. And a decent start. 

A ridiculous amount of work has gone into this album. It always does, but this time has been slightly more ridiculous than usual. Never again. Probably. 

Here's a reminder of how the last one ended...


January 2017

A belated Happy New Year to all of yers. Hope it's a good one. 

The new free download is here as promised. It's an outtake from the new album, the first attempt at 'Don't Look Back'.

Part of the reason the album is taking so long is that a new recording desk was purchased last year & it soon became clear that tunes recorded on the old desk and tunes recorded on the new desk didn't match sonically. As sound is quite an important thing with records, with consistency being the least you can expect, all the old stuff has been ditched...or released as singles last year.

Anyway, this one is too good to just throw in the bin, so feel free to steal it at The Page With The Free MP3.

Will run a poll soon to see how many people still download MP3s in the brave new streaming world. I know I don't. 

Another new track, 'Somebody Love Me' in the bag for the album. Getting there slowly. New single soon. Probably 'You're Not The Girl In This Song'.  

Need a new website too.  

December 2016

Late again with the update, but not much to report this month. A couple more tracks in the bag for the new album including (very) old favourite 'Whatever, Somehow'. We'll see which ones make the final list.

Thanks for all the support this year and we hope you have a great festive season and a happy new year. 

Good things on the horizon for 2017 including the new album & expanded live line-up. New free track coming very soon too. In the meantime, if you missed it last year, here's a free download of 'Translate' from Bandcamp...

Happy Christmas!

November 2016 

At the time of writing, it's only the middle of November and the festive season is all over the TV already. There's nothing worse than the mention of Christmas before December.

That'll no doubt be Christmas number one again as usual!

Seriously though, as Yuletide is fast approaching, and in a rare fit of generosity, every CD copy of 'Follow, Unfollow' purchased at the online shop in November & December will be dispatched with a free copy of the 'Lounge EP' CD (while stocks last). An ideal gift for someone you vaguely tolerate.

Recording of album number three continues apace. The elusive 'You're Not The Girl In This Song' and 'Loretta' are now in the can, as is 'The Old School Shuffle'. Currently recording 'Keyboard Warrior' and having a bash at 'A Hundred Kinds Of Love'. Blast from the past with that one.

More soon... 

October 2016

We're back for an acoustic outing at our current favourite venue, The Pelton Arms in Greenwich on Thursday 13th & will be wheeling out some live rarities for a change. There's a good live video of 'Calamity' nicely shot by Henry D. C. Williams at our last Pelton show floating around. It's linked to the Facebook page if you scroll down a bit. 

Ambitious acoustic version?

The long awaited rescheduled first Kitchener gig in three years is finally happening at The Pack & Carriage, NW1 on Saturday 22nd. Another acoustic one unfortunately Tom fans, so The Lucky Face acoustic line-up in reverse. With different songs obviously. 

Recording has recommenced on album number three, so it should be ready by mid 2017, preceded by another single. Any release date info should be taken with a pinch of salt as usual.

September 2016 

Not much happening this month. Have been too busy dicking around with the new free download 'Call It Something Famous' which is now available at The Page With The Free MP3.  A handy diversion from recording songs that actually have to sound good. 

We are doing a charity gig on Sunday 18th, but I still have no details save for the venue, so will keep quiet about that. Winter is on the way, so we'll be stepping up the live shows. Watch this space.

August 2016 

Sparks & Embers is now available on Netflix, for your viewing at home for free pleasure. The winter setting might cool you down in the coming heatwave. Or you could just watch it at Christmas.

We're back into the gig thing this month, with an acoustic set at The Pelton Arms in Greenwich on Thursday 18th. It's a great venue tucked away on the backstreets of SE10 & you can often spot a music luminary or two propping up the bar. (Usually just one).
Starts at 8pm and admission is free.

For regular readers, the Kitchener gig previously mentioned here for the 20th September has been cancelled due to venue issues. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

More soon... 

July 2016 

The new single, 'You Can't Buy That' is now available from all the usual downloading and streaming places. It's an upbeat ode to the more plastic members of the population. The video is shamelessly similar to the previous one in its use of vintage footage, but if an idea is worth doing once and all that... This'll be the last one. Probably. Again, some interesting clips, particularly from 'Amoureux de la femme a barbe' ('In Love with the Bearded Woman') - Pathe, 1909. The plot doesn't make sense in the original film either!


As YouTube pay approximately zero per play, you don't wanna listen to it on there. Check it out on iTunes or Amazon or here in the Online Shop. It's cheaper here.

Even cheaper than that is the new free download, a live acoustic studio recording of new tune 'Keyboard Warrior'. Everyone seems to be arguing on social media at the moment, but you can't argue with FREE.

June 2016

It was good to get back in the live saddle, albeit briefly at the Finsbury on the 2nd. If it was you taking pictures with the fancy camera, please can we have a look? If it wasn't you, which is more likely, please disregard this message. More gigs on the way.

The new single, 'You Can't Buy That' is now available to pre-order on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Release date is Friday 8th July. The lads at CCR's In The Middle gave it an early exclusive pre-pre-order airing on 1st June and it'll be going out to all the indie stations this month. 
I've said it before but there are some blinding tunes played on these Indie/Local Radio/Community shows. The presenters/producers weed out (most of) the trash, so you don't have to. Like record labels used to do. Tune in...


May 2016

As usual, recording the album is taking longer than it's supposed to, so back from the mastering studio is the next single, 'You Can't Buy That'. It's a swampy upbeat rockabilly style rocker (Billy), and contrary to the title, you will be able to buy it.  

Aiming for a July release date, but the artwork needs finalising first. To be honest, the artwork needs initialising before it can be finalised! Watch this space for dates.
* Edit. The artwork is now initialised and finalised. Release date 8th July. Pre-order 10th June.

We'll be guest hosting Folk Modern at The Finsbury in Manor Park on 5th June while Steve's away, so will be warming up the crowd (and ourselves) at the beginning. First gig of the year in June? Disgraceful. It's a good venue that Finsbury.  One of an ever diminishing number of fit for purpose gaffs remaining in London, the music capital of the UK...aii. Free admission. Don't be shy.

April 2016

It's all about recording this month. Half the new album is now finished, although one of the tunes might not fit, so may end up elsewhere. Currently working on the electric version of 'Kissy Kissy', which you may remember from the 'Lounge' piano EP. 
Whereas the previous album was a bit of a cupboard clear-out affair, particularly side two, the focus this time will be on brand new material. There will be a couple of nods to the past though, including 'Alive On The Inside'...if it comes off in a satisfactory fashion.

Talking of the past, following years alone in the iTunes wilderness, the 2009 single & live favourite 'Leech' is now available across all the streaming services & download sites. The ode to fashion failure, '1982' appears on the B-Side. Might have to start doing B-sides again. Anyway, you can listen below in this unnecessarily large elongated box...


March 2016

The new single, 'Celebrate Your Fate' is now available across all the digital platforms and here in the Online Shop. The video was created using vintage footage sourced from Prelinger Archives. Due to the age of the material, the video is strictly low definition, but it does feature King Edward VIII in full abdication mode, and culminates in a performance by legendary burlesque dancer Georgia Sothern.
Full credits in the information section of the video...



After years alone in the iTunes wilderness, the old Leech/1982 single will also be arriving across the streaming platforms soon. Watch this space, or that one.

Due to a glitch at HMV digital, The Lounge EP is on sale at both £4.95 and £1.79. I won't tell anyone if you don't. Grab the bargain version HERE. A mere 36p a track. 

No new freebies for a while due to feverish recording of the next album, but for those who missed it last year, you can still pick up 'Translate' in the digital format of your choice for free at the Bandcamp page.

February 2016 

The new single 'Celebrate Your Fate' has been freshly polished by John Webber at 
Air Mastering, and is now available to pre-order at iTunes & Amazon etc. Does anybody pre-order MP3 singles? Anyway, the release date is Friday 18th March & there's a vintage video to go with it.


Talking of Air Studios, they're still battling the neighbours over development plans which would effectively render the studios unusable. That means nowhere to record all yer James Bond soundtracks & big orchestral shenanigans, (apart from Abbey Road, but there are only two of 'em left). I mentioned this last year, but the petition is still running at 38 Degrees. 

'Sparks & Embers', which I may have mentioned before, is now available on DVD (in the UK at least) for all your Valentine's Day requirements. Not sure about other territories. Will check it out. 

January 2016

A belated Happy New Year to you all. Hope you had an enjoyable festive season.

A quiet January as usual gig-wise, with the emphasis on recording tracks for the third album. Currently putting the finishing touches to the next single 'Celebrate Your Fate' which has replaced the previous contender for next single. It's good to be decisive. Aiming for a March/April release date with that one. 

If you haven't seen it yet on the digital platforms, Sparks & Embers will be released on DVD on 1st Feb in the UK and 3rd Feb in Australia. I won't list the release dates for every country. That's Google's job. One for the fans of a tangible object. 

Have to say a word or two about the sad passing of David Bowie. A huge influence here, particularly the Mick Ronson era material. The trio of albums beginning with 'Hunky Dory' through 'Ziggy' to 'Aladdin Sane' is surely the best run of records by any solo artist ever. That they were all recorded in the space of three years, with Bowie & Ronson finding time to produce Lou Reed's 'Transformer' at the same time, makes the feat even more impressive. Oh, and writing 'All The Young Dudes' and giving it away! Ridiculous times.

Like a lot of the greats who started in the 1960's, Bowie wasn't just entertaining on stage, but gave a great interview. Even if his latest musical experiment wasn't your cup of tea, you could sit and watch him promote it all day long.


I was lucky enough to experience Bowie in 'hits' mode live at Wembley Arena in the early noughties and needless to say, it was one of the best gigs I've ever seen. We were sat quite close to Ray Davies, another songwriting hero, and watching Ray watching David sing 'Waterloo Sunset' was a memorable moment.

It's hard to pick a favourite Bowie track, but if pushed, it would probably have to be 'Queen Bitch'. Best intro ever? Probably. Cheers Dave...

ecember 2015 Sparks & Embers, the new Kris Marshall film featuring two Lucky Face tunes, is out now in select cinemas and on digital platforms. The film is initially screening at The Ritzy in Brixton before heading off around the country. You can also watch it at home via Blinkbox, iTunes, Sky Movies, Google Play, Amazon etc.

This is writer/director Gavin Boyter's debut film, and although I don't know Gavin personally, I do know that it's been a long hard slog to get the film made & on the screen. Pulling off an independent film (featuring independent music) in a more than precarious economic climate is no mean feat. 

Having read a few less than favourable reviews of the film - rom-coms always seem to get a kicking - I wasn't sure what to expect when we sat down in The Ritzy to watch the movie on opening night. Fears were soon allayed however. 'Calamity' opening the whole show was a nice surprise, and 'City Lights' enjoys a nice long blast in the middle. The whole soundtrack is good in fact, as is the incidental music from Dimitri Scarlato.

Leaving the music aside, it's an engaging and entertaining film, nicely shot and well acted. Having worked for a very big film company in the past, I can tell you that Sparks & Embers is a much better rom-com than some of the huge budget examples I've had to promote.

Kris talks to Entertainment Focus about the film HERE.

Check it out over Christmas, after Christmas and again after that...


This year's Christmas gig will be at the Under The Influence Christmas Party on Monday 21st, which is also rumoured to be the last ever UTI at The Boogaloo. This is the end of an era indeed, so pop down for a couple of sherries whilst we dust off the tinsel and wheel out the Christmas Song again. All the info will be on the gigs page as and when it arrives.

New material early next year...and maybe even a professional approach to video making! 

November 2015

After years of resisting, I've finally added a 'biography' to the website.  Not generally a big fan of these, but recent Facebookery with former band members has thrown up some good memories, so you can now read a brief summary at the new History page.
There's definitely a book in there, but we need the material for a few more chapters first.

Sparks & Embers, the new Kris Marshall film featuring 'Underneath The City Lights' & 'Calamity', will be arriving in UK cinemas on Friday 18th December, released by Bulldog Film Distribution.  We'll keep you updated on screenings or any DVD or on demand type business, but the Bulldog & Sparks & Embers  websites are probably worth keeping an eye on.

A new exhibition of music photography by Emma Marshall will be on display at The Royal Sovereign in Clapton from the 26th November. There will be some photos of us on show and in the accompanying booklet, but don't let that put you off. Under The Influence will be launching the exhibition with a photography themed gig on Thursday 26th and the photos will be on display until at least the 15th December. 

Sad to hear about the passing of legendary songwriter and performer Allen Toussaint this week. 'Sweet Touch Of Love' especially has always been a big personal  favourite. You'll be hard put to find a finer groove than this bad boy anywhere else...


October 2015

The long awaited (?) website update has arrived. Nothing screams creative satisfaction like updating a website, so I just clicked a button that made it all black. Two minutes. Bosh.

Which leaves more time for the important things like writing songs & demoing 'em up. The first of these, 'Note To Self' is now available on the Page With The Free MP3. More to follow at regular intervals, probably.

The live plan for the full on electronological assault is in full, or at least three quarter, swing. New electrical guitars purchased and old ones refurbished. You can only play one at once, however, like you can only wear one pair of shoes Imelda. They look good stacked up in a pile on the floor though.  

The only thing left to do now is to make sure the right drummer is in the same room at the same time as the rest of us and it's in the bag... (5p charge for the bag at the checkout). 

September 2015 

We're back from a long musical lay-off filled with property renovation, hard graft and swanning about with the F1 glitterati in Belgium. The last bit isn't strictly true, but we were at Spa for the Grand Prix and it didn't rain. And Lewis Hamilton won.


A couple of local gigs coming up, including a fundraiser for the We Shall Overcome event on 3rd October supporting local food banks, so we'll be remembering how to play guitars again this week in preparation. We don't generally like to mix music and politics, but eating is quite important. 

New material before the end of the year, for the end of the year is nigh... 

August 2015

No news this month. Which is good news. Back on the gigs in September...

July 2015

Late again. We had a great little headline gig at Folk Modern at The Finsbury on the 5th. Handy that half the crowd from Wireless Festival in the park next door turned up just in time. We'll be quietening down on the gigs for a month or two. Another English heatwave. Might sneak an outdoor show in at some point I suppose.

The website is due a re-vamp, so may be down at some point. Google says this one is incompatible with mobile devices, and your eyes in general, so will be thrust to the bottom of the search engine pit. I'm sure you'll survive without it for a short while. If you can read this, it isn't down at the moment!

Will leave you in the capable hands of Martha while I go and weed the garden again.

Do you reckon she's miming?..


June 2015

Bit slow off the mark this month.  May was a bit of a nightmare. Never crash a car, even just a little bit, unless you want a whole dollop of hassle, is the moral of the story.

Some good gigs were enjoyed though, and we're back in Greenwich for the first time in years on 18th June for some Icarus Clubbing. Free entry, and it's Thursday which is the new black, so we'll see you there.

The next single, 'You Can't Buy That' is now finished and ready for mastering. A nice heavy swampy rock number for a change. Video required now. Might ask someone who actually knows what they're doing to make this one...

Talking of mastering, bad news from Air Studios who are under threat from a proposed development to an adjoining building, which may force the complex to close due to noise pollution & (bad) vibrations. This would be a disastrous thing, not just because many livelihoods depend on AIR, (engineers, musicians, producers, all the other staff), but because it's one of the last studios of its kind.

The recent Lucky Face album was mastered there, and it's a great place to work, or watch someone else work! It's not everywhere you find original Johnny Cash reel-to-reel tapes lying around next to vintage record cutting machines.


Anyway, there's a petition running at 38 Degrees against the development. Please sign here if you'd like to help save an important part of the British music industry (and heritage in general).

May 2015

We're back in business with the live shows now. Thanks to everyone who came down to Bohemia on the 2nd. It was an enjoyable gig once we'd got the unexpected extra work out of the way. Certainly blew a few cobwebs away.

Strictly local for the next two gigs, first at The Village on the 21st, and then a Monday afternoon slot at the Warrant Officer three day bank holiday festival on the 25th. Nice long set with some rarely played material thrown in. We're on at 4pm. Worth hanging around for the after-party from 7.30pm too, where you can sample the speciality ales. There will no doubt be impromptu musical shenanigans on display as well


April 2015

We're spoiling you this month with a second free tune in quick succession. Slightly different sound this time, with an ambient take on Brits abroad, with 'vocals' from the Google Translate ladies. It has to be free, otherwise Google would sue and take all the money anyway. That's a lot of vocalists to pay. They'll probably survive without any help from the Lucky Face royalty pot to be honest.  

Click HERE to find 'Translate'.

Continued thanks to all the radio people who are still playing tunes from Follow, Unfollow. It's all appreciated. More tunes coming soon.

We're starting to put a few shows in the diary from the beginning of May, kicking off at Bohemia in Hackney on Saturday the 2nd. It's a bank holiday innit. Keep an eye on the Gigs page for updates.

Keep an eye out for the new single from We Used To Make Things this month. They're a fine band. Love In A Minor Key is released on the 20th April. Check 'em out HERE.

March 2015

The live quietness has continued, partly due to hard graft and partly due to drunken European jaunts. If you like jaunting drunkenly, Europe is a very good place to do it. London is far too expensive for jaunting, even soberly.

As promised though, there's a new free tune for March, 'It Never Comes Out The Same' over at the Free MP3 Page. Please remember that you get what you pay for in this life. Buying the album would be a much better idea than downloading this track, both for you and the people around you. Keep your friends and family close. Don't burn your bridges. Stay safe and buy the album. :-)

Good news regarding Sparks & Embers. It looks like the film will be hitting UK cinemas in Autumn. Kris Marshall has two movies released in 2015 as well as his lead role in Death In Paradise, so it's looking like his biggest year yet.  

Pulling together an independent film from nothing during the biggest recession ever has been a long hard graft for writer/director Gavin Boyter, so let's hope the film gets the recognition it deserves. You can keep up to date at the official website HERE.
And when you've done that, go and buy the song on the trailer! 

February 2015

This could be the most boring news update of all time. As usual at this time of year, it's down time time, replenishing the coffers with non-musical graft in order to make more music, so there's not much to say really. There is a new free download on the way, which just needs a quick mix and should be up on here in a few days (from at the time of writing, which is now).

A new electrical guitar amplifier has been purchased, so as soon as we've found the right drummer, we'll be back out making a racket. The aim is to fill a set full of the heavy stuff that we can't play acoustically. It's been too long. Cobwebs everywhere.

There won't be a new album this year, but aiming to stick an EP out at some point if all goes to plan. Regular visitors will know that things rarely go to plan. Already got the title though. Not telling in case you nick it & use it first!

January 2015

Happy New Year folks. Hope you had a raucous/relaxing festive period. Not easy to get out of bed now is it? Luckily, sometimes other people get out of bed for you, and we'll be starting the year with The Reason Why airing on the first episode for 2015 of The Lopsided World Of L. Jonathan L's award winning show airs all over the place. Check him out if you can. You'll discover many fine new (and occasionally vintage) sounds.

This year we'll be focusing on making a bit more noise live-wise, so it'll be off with the acoustic head and out with the SG. Amplifiers and guitars will be repaired and let out of the studio again. Throwing instruments about onstage and dropping amps down flights of stairs is all very amusing at the time, but not so funny when you want to use them again. 

Watch this space...


December 2014

The festive season returns. Not a great start to the month for rock legends, with Bobby Keys & Ian McLagan both pegging out in the first week.  Mac in particular with the Small Faces & Faces was a massive influence around these parts. His autobiography is well worth a look if you like a rock & roll tale.  Any other Rolling Stones associates out there might want to stay at home drinking herbal tea for a few weeks.

Just one Christmas gig this year, at the Oval Tavern in Croydon on the 18th. It's free to get in & will be a nice long set featuring the obligatory, and annoyingly more popular than anything else, 'Another Christmas Song'.  We might just play that for 40 minutes.

The Reason Why is now available as a single at the online shop and Bandcamp at a cheaper than on the album price. Bandcamp even embed the lyrics too & you can buy the high quality WAV. 

Artwork by M. Bailey in 1932. 

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope it's better than the year before last, and the year before that etc...

November 2014 

There are a lot of those 'choose your fifteen favourite albums' things going around Facebook at the moment. It's a challenge slightly harder, but definitely warmer, than having a bucket of ice thrown over your head. Before all that started, however, Rhythm & Booze had their 'Perfect 10' feature. It's like choosing fifteen favourite albums, but made harder by a whole five albums. No room for 2 Unlimited or NSYNC on this bad boy.

Anyway, this month we gratefully received an invitation from R&B to pick a Perfect 10, so here are ten albums that influenced the new album and the one before it...

Tim's Perfect 10

'The Reason Why' has just been added to Soundcloud. This is the new track going out to the radio stations. Although it's already available on the album, we're going to release it as a website/Bandcamp-only single on the 1st December. That way we can control the price & bring it down a bit.
The track made its debut on David Durant's Under The Radar on the 16th, and will be coming to a radio station near you soon. Probably.
Local radio is a great place to find new music and the Tune In app has revolutionised the whole business. Easier than trawling through Soundcloud & the like to find it yourself.


October 2014

A bit late with the updates this month due to general hecticness. Or hectivity. Step away from the dictionary.

It was very pleasing when Rhythm & Booze Magazine gave the debut album 10/10 back in 2011, and even more pleasing when they awarded the same score to the new one. You can read the review in full HERE.

We did a great little show for CCR on the 8th called 'What's On Your iPod', when we had a chat with guest presenter Carl Spaul about the business in general & chose some favourite tracks of the moment to play in between. There's also a live acoustic session in the middle featuring 'Feel Like Falling In Love?' and 'No Personality'.

You can listen again below. It starts off a bit quiet, but we soon get louder.

What's on your iPod? - @ingeniusrock - Sharon Alford - 08/10/14 - Chelmsford Community Radio by Chelmsford Community Radio on Mixcloud

There are a couple of new photos from the gig at The Finsbury on the 5th up in the gallery. Will stick some more up (when they've been doctored to make us look pretty), and do a proper update soon. Meanwhile, the search for a drummer begins.  


September 2014 Part 2

Follow, Unfollow has now been released and is available at all known download sites.
if you're not a fan of iTunes, any of the others will do the trick, including 
7 Digital, HMV, Qobuz, Wimp, etc...

The new video for #RIPCELEBRITY stars the people of Twitter & Facebook lamenting the loss of their favourite pin-ups past and present. From recent departures Paul Walker & Peaches Geldof, all the way back to Rock 'n' Roll pioneers Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper & Richie Valens, the people of Twitter have got it covered. You would hope that Buddy has found peace by now. If not, it's probably never going to happen. Earplugs for Mr Holly please...

The names have been removed to protect the guilty...except for the famous tweeters who should know better.


September 2014

Album release month is here, so it seemed like a suitable time to stick another tune on the Soundcloud. Here's the opening track from the album, 'If I Can't Have You, Nobody Else Can', an ode to nutter ex-lovers everywhere...

Time to get back on the live trail after a long lay off, beginning with The Boogaloo on Monday 15th. It's the Under The Influence Bob Marley tribute night, so you'll hear a couple of new album tunes plus a Bob Marley classic. It's been over a year since a Boogaloo outing, so it'll be a good one. We'll be doing this one as a two piece, (three if we can commandeer a percussionist on the night). Bob is one of those musicians who everybody likes, so get down early doors for a seat. 

First radio session of the year is also booked for CCR on 8th October. The show is called 'What's On Your iPod'. We'll be playing a couple of acoustic tunes & choosing some favourites by other artists to play on the show. More info on that later.

August 2014 Part 2 

The album is now available to pre-order at iTunes as well as all the previously mentioned places, so we've put a little trailer (trash) on YouTube to explain more about it...

August 2014

We've been enjoying some much appreciated and continued support from a host of radio stations and podcasts around the world in the past couple of months, so thought it would only be right to mention some on here. You'd be surprised how much quality music you hear if you scratch beneath the surface of mainstream national radio. So thanks to, amongst others, Preston FM, 6 Towns Radio, Cambridge 105FM, Radio Six International. Croydon Radio, ICRFM, EGH Radio, Ridge Radio, The Spread, The Justin Wayne Show, Meridian FM, CCR, NCCR, County Linx RadioLopsided World Of L, and any others I've forgotten.

Also well worth a listen is the brand new episode of the hugely entertaining Captain SIB's Psychedelic Freakout, podcast episode 75, which features a whole load of great tunes... plus a Lucky Face track.

Finally, the Under The Influence team have started a monthly Podcast featuring UTI artists past, present and future. Great music and chat from host Nathan & the cheeky crafty cockernee James Dillon.

We've had a bit of a re-shuffle on the website jukebox and put a couple more clips of brand new album tunes 'If I Can't Have You, Nobody Else Can' and '#RIPCELEBRITY' up there.
They have to be clips regrettably, otherwise people steal them. Sometimes they even tell you they've stolen them. A bit like going into a shoe shop, half inching some Jimmy Choos and telling the cashier on the way out. Some old favourites back up there too, including 'Leech'. More new tunes will be exposed as the album release draws closer. 

If you really can't wait to hear it (!), the album is now available to pre-order at numerous sites including Amazon, where you can hear clips of the whole thing in very low quality. The iTunes pre-order will be available in a couple of weeks.

On the subject of free MP3's, there's a brand new (totally) legitimate tune, 'Unfriended' available on The Page With The Free MP3.  

July 2014 Pt 2

The new single, 'A Fine Line' is now available from all known download sites as well as the online shop. We've been enjoying international airplay of various shapes and sizes with this one on an almost daily basis, but if you haven't heard it, watch the anti-video below...


Don't forget, this is a (slightly) different version to the one on the album, so you don't need to feel bad about buying it twice. ;-) 

July 2014 

The new single 'A Fine Line' is now available to pre-order at iTunes,  Amazon etc...
We managed to hang on to the 79p price for a long time, but alas, this one is 99p, which seems to be standard these days. Maybe we'll sell it at 79p from the online shop.

The promo CD's for the album are now back from the printers and are beginning to wend their way around the world to various radio stations and magazines. Not of their own accord of course. Although technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past decade, self delivering CD's have yet to be invented. As far as I know.

To find out more about the album, head to the 'Follow, Unfollow' page for a full run down on the tracks...

June 2014 Pt 2

The rain is gone and the sun is back, so to celebrate, we've broken with tradition and made the forthcoming single 'A Fine Line' available to stream on Soundcloud. Hit the arrow to play.

The video is now 'in production'... Meaning it could be a while. Or quite soon and very sloppy. 

The new album, 'Follow, Unfollow' has been sent to the digital distributors and will be released on 22nd September. Hard copies will be available this time too. CD's. Remember them? For the traditional music fans out there. Track listing will be posted soon, although if you go to the lyrics page, you might get a vague idea of the exact order of songs!

June 2014

Summer's here and the time is right...for hiding from a rain shower. If you live in Britain that is. The perfect opportunity to catch up on the exclusive airing of brand new album track 'Falling Out With Your Friend's Girl' from the Simon Raymonde show on Amazing Radio on 2nd June. The track is about seven songs in, but the whole show is worth a listen. Some good new tunes on there including a particularly fine one from Roddy Frame. Listen again HERE.

The new single 'A Fine Line' has been processed by the distributors & will be available on 21st July, with a pre-order from the 23rd June. It's a radio edit of the album version, (a whole ten seconds shorter, which must be some sort of record in pointlessness, but it was just one riff too long)!

There will be a video in time for the release, but we haven't started work on it yet. Been too busy with the album artwork and general ridiculous amounts of admin and preparation that are involved with releasing a long player. At least if you want to do it properly. 

The album, 'Follow, Unfollow' will be released in September. Exact date to be confirmed, but it will definitely be sometime after the beginning and before the end of the month! More teasers to follow soon.

May 2014 Pt 2

We mastered the new album last week at Air Studios. Or rather John Webber did. I just sat there looking at Johnny Cash reel to reel master tapes and fancy record cutting gadgetry. 

Suffice to say, the album is sounding great. This place is as good as it gets and the boss man Ray Staff is something of an industry legend. They've just finished re-mastering David Bowie's '70's classics amongst other big stuff. I'm not claiming the new album will sound as good as Ziggy Stardust though. There was only one Mick Ronson and he's somewhat hard to get hold of these days!

May 2014 Pt 1

As you've probably read on the home page, Underneath The City Lights & Calamity are now confirmed for the soundtrack of new Brit Rom-Com Sparks And Embers starring Kris Marshall, (Love Actually, Death In Paradise etc...). Underneath The City Lights also features in the trailer...

More news on release date etc... when we find out, but as it's set around Christmas time, that could be a clue!

The album is all finished and ready for mastering. That'll be done this month, providing I can get hold of the mastering engineer who's moved studios. Don't like to use other people. Mastering is a fine art, and if it isn't done properly, it's double bubble (toil and trouble) when you have to bin it and pay someone to do it all again.

The artwork is complete for the summer single 'A Fine Line', which will be released in July. It's a little bit ska it is. Upbeat. Good for films actually, for any film directors who might be reading! 

April 2014 

Recording, and especially mixing, an album in a home studio is a bit like doing homework at school. You'll find anything else to do before getting down to business. Weeding the garden, selling things on eBay (at very reasonable prices), rehearsing for gigs that aren't booked, washing the things at the bottom of the wash basket, updating the website and even watching snooker matches on TV that don't feature Ronnie O'Sullivan. 

Still, there is progress, with Feel Like Falling In Love now in the can plus the album title track, which is a minute long and features only two words in the lyric. Won't disclose the title yet in case someone steals it & uses it first. Currently mixing If I can't Have You, Nobody Else Can, which some of you may remember in its rudimentary form from the 2006 demo album Get Old Or Die Tryin'. Will get onto that as soon as I've let the cat out.

March 2014 

Nearly there with the album. A couple more tracks in the can - The Reason Why & A Fine Line, plus a blues harp overdub session completed with Simon Kitchener for the final, as yet untitled, track. It was more of a drinking session really, but a session nonetheless.

Two more tracks to record & then it's time to get the album out before having time to think about scrapping any. Which tracks they'll be remains to be seen. Any requests, please write them on a postcard & throw in the bin!

February 2014 

There was no news in January, but no news is good news. Unless you're a newsreader, in which case no news is dole queues.
January was actually spent raising finances to fund the new album. Not by begging people for money in advance, but by actually working for money with which to pay for it. A unique concept these days apparently.  There are two more tracks in the can - You Never Really Know 'Til You Know and old favourite Fry You In My Mind, and the grand album finale number is nearly finished. 

Some good stuff coming up this year. Stay tuned... 

December 2013 

The festive season is here, so in true capitalist fashion, the regulation Christmas release has arrived with it. The catalogue wouldn't be properly dressed without an official festive number would it?

Now available from all the usual outlets, and of course you can stick it on your Spotify party playlist and slow dance to it with someone you're not supposed to at the office Christmas bash after 15 mulled wines and a Jagerbomb, before being violently sick in a waste paper basket.

We've gone for the cheap looking 1970's style seasonal artwork. The snowman is supposed to be Mark E Smith... 


November 2013

The recording of the second album is now properly underway. It's not a lie this time.
Already in the can are Midnight My Time, Falling Out With Your Friend's Girl and Something In The Way You Sigh, plus the last single. Finishing touches required on You're Not The Girl In This Song and #RIPCELEBRITY. Then we'll work out what else is going on it. 

In the meantime, Another Christmas Song is on the way and is now available for pre-order at various places including iTunes and 7 Digital. You know it makes sense. Probably.


October 2013

September came and went eh? Time to get back on it. 'Another Christmas Song' has now been sent to the distributors for official release on Monday 25th November, with an iTunes pre-order date of 28th October. Pre-ordering downloads seems a bit strange. It's unlikely that they'll run out at Apple/Amazon HQ. I suppose you might pre-order it whilst you're drunk, whereas you wouldn't dream of purchasing when sober. If that's the case, it can only be a good idea.
Of course, many of you will have downloaded it for free last year. Now you'll be able to put it on your festive Spotify playlists as well. Other streaming sites are available. None of them pay much. Proper new 'parody' artwork too for the official release. Or as proper as it gets round here these days!

There's finally a new free download up on The Page With The Free Mp3. The demo of The Old School Shuffle. Enjoy, if you like that sort of thing.

August 2013 

The economy is in recovery apparently. Spending is up £2.50 on last year. To celebrate everyone being rich again, there's an end of summer sale on in the online shop. We've got the first four singles, (A-Sides), up for a bargain 49p each. Don't know what that is in dollars, but it's cheap.

Need to get some proper artwork together for the official release of 'Another Christmas Song' this November. It was free to discerning website visitors last year, but will be made available everywhere in 2013, so you can stick it on your Spotify Christmas playlists.

July 2013

For those of you who don't know, there is currently a heatwave in England. This only happens every five years at best, so every ray of sunshine must be savoured. We need the vitamin D you see. As a result there is no time to turn on computers to update websites, and it's far too hot to be making music...apart from at The Boogaloo on the 21st of course... 

June 2013

The new single, Give It To Someone, is now available to purchase from all known download stores. A good-vibey bit of musical summer condensed into 2 minutes 20 seconds. Should be concise enough for even the shortest of attention spans. No promos sent out to the industry for this one, so you won't find any reviews anywhere unless people decide to write them later. You're big enough to make your own mind up now anyway.

The artwork  is taken from an 'autograph book' from the early 1930's. Not an autograph book for famous signatures, but a personal one. Broadband connections were very slow in those days, so instead of using Facebook, friends would have to draw each other pictures & write messages on actual paper instead. This one is from 1932...


And of course the video, in case you missed it on the front page, is now online. It was recorded on a massive Hollywood budget in Walthamstow and Brighton. The Brighton footage was shot at The Great Escape Festival, more of which you can see further down the thread...


Nice little piece just in from Artrocker about 'Give It To Someone', the new single & video. Click HERE to view. Just awaiting the call from Woman's Weekly now.

The videos are now online from May's Under The Influence Billy Bragg tribute at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. Nat The Hammer has been running this unique music evening for three years now at The Boogaloo in Highgate. Every month, a host of well known and not so well known acts pay tribute to a music legend, playing a cover by the featured act of the month as well as a couple of their own tunes. This was the first time the featured act actually turned up, however!

Billy mingled with the audience & acts and even jumped onstage with the other acts at the end for an impromtu version of New England. Some of us missed that bit, due to London's progressive transport system closing down ridiculously early. 24 hour city eh?

Here's a nervy, lyrics all over the place version of Romford Girls, a track from Billy's first record with punk band Riff Raff. Recently re-released on vinyl I believe. He wasn't bothered about the fluffed lyrics though. The drummer wrote 'em...

And the finale...

May 2013

The new single, Give It To Someone will be released worldwide on 10th June. A little more upbeat and less sarcastic than the usual Lucky Face fare, but there's nothing wrong with an occasional bit of positivity. Probably! Video will be available a week before the single.

April 2013

Accidentally wrote the next single on Easter Sunday. Recorded it on Monday, and in true Craig David fashion, took it for a drink on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and sent it off to be mastered on Friday. Will aim for a June release date. The 3rd or the 10th probably. Need to get the video sorted now...


Bit of a spanner in the works with the track listing of the new EP, due to recent press revelations regarding a certain Australian octogenarian entertainer who featured heavily in track four. Can you guess who it is yet? All that time spent re-recording it too. Hopefully it's all a huge misunderstanding and the track in question can be released at a later date. Currently recording another uptempo tune to put in its place.
That's the regular set closer out of the window. Back to 'fictional' characters from now on.

Feb 2013.

The artwork is now finished for the next release. All that remains is the small matter of finishing the recording. Since David Bowie ripped up the record releasing rule book in January with his sneaky overnight single, we may follow suit. The next platter might appear out of the blue, just when you're not expecting it. Similarly to Bowie's single, there will surely be doubts about chart eligibility...not through any pre-order technicalities though. Just through lack of sales!

Jan 2013

Following Beck's groundbreaking new sheet music only album, it seemed only appropriate to follow suit with the second Lucky Face long player, allowing the music buyer to do all the hard work whilst sitting back and enjoying the spoils.
However, an initially overlooked inability to read or write music soon put paid to that idea, so album number two, Hear No Evil, See None Either, will be released on blank sheets of paper, leaving the consumer free to interpret the album as they see fit.
Below is a sample of the opening track Quiet Noise as it is intended to be interpreted.

Click here to download this file 

The album will be available through all good stationers on February 29th. Album number three will be a traditional affair and is now in progress.


Sad news from Kooba Radio, who are closing their doors after ten years at the top of online internet broadcasting & ting. Kooba were one of the first online radio stations and are still the best, run by a top bunch of chaps & chapettes. Champions of quality independent music that mainstream radio will never play, (including Lucky Face tunes), and organizers of fine gigs, they will be sadly missed. Jonny Yeah even paid for Nathan Persad to record 'Clean Up My Act' for frick sake! Check it out on iTunes...and then listen to the final shows HERE.

The good people at Tom Robinson's Team Freshnet have placed debut album track 'The Lonely Way' in their Fresh Faves Top Ten for the week commencing 8th October. Check 'em out HERE.?

For those who haven't seen it yet, here's James Dillon & Julia Bobbin's film from the Under The Influence one day festival featuring a wee clip of Rolf...