A run down of the track listing of the new album with a little background behind each of the songs...


Side 1: 

01: If I Can't Have You, Nobody Else Can 

Long time Lucky Face listeners might remember the first incarnation of this song from the 2006 demo album 'Get Old Or Die Tryin'. It's written from the perspective of a jilted, slightly psychopathic lover, which is based purely on observation and not personal behaviour of course! We all know one of these.

A new superior ending has been added to the song for the album version. Mainly because the original fade 'incorporated' another song.

02: A Fine Line

Carrying on the tradition from the first album of having an upbeat song as track two. It's not all leeches, hairdressers and psychos etc... A brand new tune with a ska influence. The album version is a whole ten seconds longer than the single. Let's hope there's room for it on your mp3 player eh?

03: The Reason Why 

Another brand new tune with everything thrown in. Hammond organ, strings, Middle 8 that sounds a bit like Robbie Williams, crowd singalong at the end... 

04: Give It To Someone 

A remastered version of the single, so you don't need to feel bad about buying it twice.
A tribute to guitar pop music circa 1965, which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on what mood you're in. 


Very much a tribute to 2014, social media, and everyone's desire to be the lead obituary writer for The Times, albeit in 140 characters or less, every time someone remotely famous departs this mortal coil. The song has been endorsed by none other than Billy Bragg, who particularly liked the bit about Carter USM.
We're all guilty of the occasional #RIP tweet. This one here is my favourite so far though. Finger firmly on the pulse...

06: Follow, Unfollow 

Continuing the social media theme. It must be said that the lyrics took months to hone!
A monotonous electronic noise to represent the monotonous repetitive addiction that social media has become in 2014.

Side 2: 

07: Falling Out With Your Friend's Girl

The only time boys fall out is with each other when girls are involved, and the only time girls fall out with each other is when boys are involved. Probably.
Some of us were born with faces that were made to take the blame no matter what the circumstances. It wasn't me, whatever it was.

08: Something In The Way You Sigh

The first track recorded for the album, about a year before the others. It was written specifically with the film 'Sparks & Embers' in mind, but not recorded/mastered in time for submission. It'll have to go in the next rom-com instead.

09: Feel Like Falling In Love? 

The old live favourite & ode to hopeless (and not so hopeless) nights on the pull. This is the sort of song you can only write when you're single. Unless you want to sleep in the shed.
Never managed to record a satisfactory version of this in the past. This one just about cuts it.
Would've been better with Topper Headon on drums. And Mick Jones on guitar. And Joe Strummer on vocals. And Paul Simonon on bass.

10: Fry You In My Mind 

Another live favourite from the early Lucky Face days. Also appeared in demo form on Get Old Or Die Tryin'. An ode to terrible bosses everywhere. Go on, quit your job! No, don't. Just plot against them during the night instead.
Featuring some lovely brass work from The Love Horns on the riff and bridge.
Vocals recorded after a heavy cold, hence the abrasive, slightly crap quality to them.

11: You Never Really Know 'Til You Know 

Found this one in an old notebook during recording. Probably the most throwaway tune of the thirteen, but it's Lucky Face rules to have at least one John Sebastian style song on an album.
It was good to be able to utilise The Love Horns again too. 
A little nod to The Supernaturals with the backing vocals on the second verse. Great debut album they did.

12: Flee And Be Free

This was supposed to be the album closer, hence the long fade, but there was nowhere else for Midnight, My Time to go. An old school singalong finish in the Pamela Jo or Something Happened To Me Yesterday mold. 
A host of guests on this one, from Simon Kitchener on blues harp, to the Islington Wetherspoon's Community Choir, to the slightly worrying fella waxing lyrical about horror films. 

13: Midnight, My Time

This tune featured on the very first Lucky Face demo CD many moons ago. Copies change hands for up to a pound in collectors circles today! Recorded many times, but never satisfactorily until now, it's the heaviest track on the album. Initially the whole record was going to sound like this, but it's easier to record the lighter ones, so that idea was quickly forgotten.
It's a very simple tune, written (but not recorded) in open tuning due to a knife injury of the hand (chef, not gangland related).

It can be whatever time you want it to be...unless you have to get up for work in the morning.


The album was mastered by John Webber at Air Studios. Against current trends, the tracks were mastered for sound quality over volume. The 'louder' you push tracks, the more you have to compress them, meaning sound quality diminishes. Not good if you're listening on a decent sound system or headphones. So if you want it louder, turn it up!

Trivial Fact:  This album was recorded on the same street, but not in the same studio as Primal Scream's Screamadelica. This is a more impressive fact if you've seen what the street looks like.