A run down of the track listing of the new album with a little background behind each of the songs...

Side 1: 

01:Life Is Never...

There are a lot of people out there looking for something that doesn't exist.  I was one of 'em for ages.  Happiness through fame and recognition, preferably instantly.  Striving for success and forgetting to live.  As the wise young hippy Donovan once said: "Few people get there quick by their chosen road, they don't know it's better to go by natural velocity."

That's the gist of this one anyway, but with "shite" in the lyrics.  
When Oasis released 'Married With Children', hearing the word "shite" in a song was a revelation. Now every other song has "shite" in. There are two on this album alone.

A brand new track never previously heard.

02: You're Not The Girl In This Song

A live favourite from the mid-noughties, first released on the 'Lounge' piano EP.

The curse of many songwriters.  Everyone remotely close to the tunesmith thinks every song is about them when it isn't, and if it isn't then why isn't it? 
Could just as easily be "you're not the boy, dog, cat" etc... It's not gender/species specific. 

03: Kissy Kissy

We've all done it.  Young love in full flow.

This tune has possibly been attempted more times than any other Lucky Face track before achieving a satisfactory recording.  Even this time, a card error meant that recording was cut short and the guide vocal for the chorus had to be used. Notice the wobble at the end.

It's cursed I tell yer!

04: Keyboard Warrior

Written in 2016 amid a very divisive political climate, particularly in the UK and USA.  Everybody is an expert these days, whether they know anything about the subject or not, and social media means it's easier to pick a fight than ever before.

The first verse is for the 'only my opinion counts' brigade. The second verse is for the trolls.

05: Rub It Off

Another new previously unheard track.  The feeling of tasting success in any field and wondering how to go about sustaining it.

The 'rub it off' bit refers to the rubbing off of positivity.  Any other interpretation would be the product of a dirty mind! There are comedy lyrics involving curtains in place for live renditions, however.

06: Note To Self

Featured last year in demo form as the free MP3.  This one does what it says on the tin.  A note to self.  Songwriters are always 'giving it up' until they write a song about giving up and start again.

Side 2: 

07: Loretta

Regular listeners may have noticed that track seven on all Lucky albums is the 'humour' slot.  'John...' on album one. 'Falling Out...' on album two. Ha ha ha.

Loretta was a real hairdresser I used to visit in South East London.  The name has been changed to protect the guilty and to improve rhymeability.  I did grow up on a street with a real Loretta, an ageing chain smoking woman with dyed jet black hair who drove a white Capri in first gear at full revs everywhere.  That's another story.

Hairdresser 'Loretta' certainly lacked customer service skills.  She would curse loudly in the salon and badmouth other customers in their absence.  She was terrible at cutting hair too.

After one particularly eventful appointment, the song wrote itself in twenty minutes following the post-cut hair examination back home.

The middle eight "you've gotta be nice" is based on an encounter with a northern club DJ who taught me that if you are to secure free drinks for your friends during a karaoke contest, you must be polite.  Again, another story.

08: Somebody Love Me

The bare bones of this were found on an old CD of scraps and the tune was duly polished off for the album.  

This is a tribute to the mid-midlife crisis talent free wannabees who used to turn up at my music nights, possibly in leather trousers, and use them as therapy evenings. Each one armed with nothing but a stack of expensive gear and a desire to be accepted...By anyone. Acoustic Hell.

Maybe this isn't as common now dating apps exist?  Who knows?   

09: When You Borrowed My Light

Only approximately twelve years since it first appeared in demo form.  This one has been attempted a few times, but the drum sound was never right.

The lyrics are based on a fruitless chase.  The guitar lick is based on Johnny Marr!

'Light' refers to energy rather than a cigarette lighter, just to clear that one up. People do ask these questions.

10: Whatever Somehow

The oldest Lucky Face song ever recorded.  This one dates back to the Vim days, when it took pride of place in the acoustic set.

Written about childhood friends not very long after childhood, the chorus took on a new meaning a year or two later.

The "life can be over" lyrics over the fade are a new addition. 

11: Endsong

The newest song on the album, this one is a purpose built album closer written during recording.  A singalong at the end is house rules.

Features additional melody contribution and backing vocals from Lizzie London (in yer right ear 'ole).

It's always possible that every album is your last, and this track has a certain air of finality about it.

12: Runout

An incidental instrumental initially conceived as an interval between sides one and two.  That didn't work though, so it went on as the run-out groove.

A fitting 50th anniversary tribute to the Sgt. Pepper run-out groove.  I just made that bit up.  It's a complete lie.

The album was mastered by John Webber at Air Studios.