The latest free download is the first demo from the new batch of 2018 material, a primitive piano only version of 'No Ambition'. Additional vocals by Edie the cat (of When Edie Decides fame).  Recorded on her 14th birthday, she was hanging around the studio demanding attention. Diva.
Session payment was made in catnip and Dreamies. Other cat treats are available.

This song may not eventually be released under the Lucky Face name, but it's here anyway...

As usual, right click and 'save video as'.

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I'm lazy with no ambition, and what's so wrong with that?
No crazy-ass rescue mission, will drag me out of that
I've had my heart broken many times
But no-one's broke my mind

You're fearless and full of fire, you'll soon grow out of that 
The gods love you, they like a trier, until your tyres are flat
You'll have your heart broken many times
But they won't break your mind

And at the end of the day, as the idiots say
It doesn't matter
And at the end of the day, or any other cliche
It doesn't matter

I ought to be quite symphonic and force the world to sing
But so often I can't get on it, to finish anyth...